How to Maintain a Cast Iron Pan

Your cast iron pan will serve you for ages, but that’s with proper maintenance. Since cast iron pan is of great value in your kitchen, it would be best to know appropriate maintenance ways to extend its use. 

We have gathered essential information on maintaining your cast iron pan. Whether it’s a vintage or the latest cast iron pan, this article is all you need to ensure its durability. Here are ways to maintain your cast iron pan.

1. Cleaning After Use 

It would be best to wash your cast iron pan immediately or a few minutes after using it to prevent the food from sticking to it, which would require an extra effort to clean. But if the pan already has stubborn stuck-on foods, add hot water with a few drops of dish soap and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then use a pan scraper or a nylon scrubbing brush and gently scrape your pan to remove the stuck-on food.

Alternatively, you can use salt. Start by putting a small salt on your dry cast iron pan and scrape using a kitchen towel until you remove the stuck food.

After you are confident that all the stuck-on food is off the cast iron pan, wash it with water and soap. Although people discourage using soap, believing it may remove the seasoning, it’s not factual as the seasoning has been transformed into a hard coat through heating and hence can’t be removed with soap easily. 

Finally, dry your cast iron pan using a kitchen towel or power towel to avoid rust.

2. Avoid Using Steel Wool or Metal Scrubbers 

Steel wool and metal scrubbers may cause permanent scratches on your cast iron pan; instead, use a nylon scrubbing brush as they aren’t very abrasive to cause damage on its surface. 

3. Stop Soaking Your Cast Iron Pan

Do not soak your cast iron pan as it may cause rusting. When you soak your cast iron pan in the water, the iron will react with oxygen leading to rust. It would be easy to clean your pan immediately after use and dry it thoroughly to stop rusting. Instead of soaking, always follow our number one maintenance tip, clean after use.

4. Wash by Hand

Wash your cast iron pan by hand to keep the seasoning in place. If you use a dishwasher, the detergents used in cleaning may remove the seasoning, causing rusting. So, always wash your cast iron pan by hand to ensure you follow the correct cleaning procedure and use safe detergents that won’t damage your seasoning. 

5. Seasoning Your Cast Iron Pan

Seasoning creates a protective coat made by rubbing oil all over your cast iron pan and heating it to polymerize the oil. The process is essential because it shields your cast iron pans from corrosion when it’s exposed to moisture. 

Wrap UP

Cast iron pans will probably take the lead among the most durable assets in your kitchen. You only need proper maintenance to keep it valuable for an extended period. This article gives you the working tricks to maintain your cast iron pan and keep it valid for ages.

A Cast Iron Pan

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