How to Pack your Bedding and Linens for Moving

Changing apartments can be a hassle, especially if you have many items. However, one of the easiest tasks during such a period is packing your bedding and linens, especially if you know what you are doing. In this blog post, we will provide you with tips for streamlining this process and ensuring it is as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Let’s start!

Wash your bedding and linens

Before you pack your bedding and linens for moving, we recommend you wash them. You will have enough work to do at your new place and not having to worry about clean beddings and linens, at least during your first few weeks, will go a long way.

Pack your bedding and linens last

Unless you are leaving immediately, pack your beddings and linens last. However, when you pack them, ensure you set aside a number for use at your new place. Moving to a new place can be stressful, and you won’t want to spend the first couple of hours searching through your boxes looking for what to use.

Dedicate a box a to a room

When you are packing bedding and linens during a move, we advise you to dedicate one box to each room’s beddings and linens. Doing this ensures you can sort them out when you are setting up your new house.

Pack them in plastic bags first

We recommend you pack the linens and beddings in plastic bags before placing them inside boxes to ensure they remain clean and dry. Plastic bags are airtight, more so than boxes. As a result, they provide better protection from dust and moisture than boxes.

Alternatively, you can line the box with packing paper before you start putting your linens and bedding in. And when you are done, cover them with packing paper and then seal the box with packing tape.

Fold each linen and bedding carefully

One of the biggest problems when moving house is the sheer number of items that are usually involved. As a result, every extra space you can spare will come in handy. While you might feel tempted to dump your bedding and linen into the boxes you will move them in, do not do so. Instead, take the time to fold them first.

The same also goes for duvets and quilts.

Hire a packing service

While packing linens and bedding for moving is easy, we can’t say the same for packing in general. Fortunately, you can avoid the stress and hassle of the entire process by hiring a packing service. For a fee, they will efficiently pack your belongings and ensure everything is well organized, too.

Finally, if you are packing quilts and duvets, we recommend you place them in vacuum storage bags first. Then, after you deflate the bag, you can place them inside the moving boxes. If you don’t have a vacuum storage bag and your destination is close, you can place them directly inside boxes. However, ensure you line the bottom and top with packing paper before sealing it.

Packing Linens for Moving

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