How to Choose Bedding Sets for Hot Summer Nights

Summer nights can get very hot, thereby causing sweat and discomfort. And this can result in an inability to sleep. Luckily, having the right bedding sets can help you stay cool through these nights.

In this article, we will provide you with what you need to consider when choosing bedding sets that will come in handy during these nights.

Let’s get started.

Consider light top layers

Certain beddings like down comforters, thick quilts, and flannel sheets are unsuitable for hot summer months. In place of these materials, opt for light beddings made from linen, cotton, silk, and other lightweight fabric. They have a negligible impact on your warmth and will reduce the discomfort you would feel with the other beddings. 

Use lighter colors

Summer is the perfect time to review the color of your beddings. During this period, you should prioritize light shades over dark ones. The reason is, lighter-colored blankets and bedspreads absorb less heat during the day. As a result, they don’t give off as much heat as darker-colored beddings do.

Additionally, light colors provide a cool setting that makes your bed space soothing. 

Choose breathable materials

Choose beddings that were created using natural fibers like bamboo, cotton, and silk. The reason is, natural fibers breathe better than their synthetic alternatives. Also, they are highly comfortable and wick moisture from your body and these make them ideal for hot summer months.

Choose light layers for your bed

No one wants to sleep under a thick blanket during a warm summer night as it will cause more heat. For this reason, we recommend having multiple lightweight beddings.

Lightweight bedspreads and blankets make it easier to remain cool or warm, especially when there is a temperature change. For this reason, use multiple layers of lightweight beddings on your bed. This makes it easy to remedy how warm or cold you get during sleep as you can shed or add one or two layers when the temperature rises or drops respectively.

A prime example of high-quality lightweight bedding options is matelassé blankets. These are thin, stylish blankets with intricately quilted designs. They are produced from a single layer of fabric; hence, they are highly breathable.

Go for thick throw blankets

One of the disadvantages of having cool summer beddings is that your feet might get cold.

To avoid this, keep a thick woolen throw blanket handy. This blanket will keep your feet warm when it becomes cold at night.

Consider the thread count of the bedding

Lastly, consider the number of threads used in creating each inch of the bedding fabric. The rule of thumb is that soft and high-quality materials have a higher thread account than less soft materials. They are also smooth and cool to touch, making them suitable for use in hot weather.

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