Cool Pool Lighting Ideas for Summer Nights

Do you plan on building a new pool or do you want to improve an existing one? If yes, we have a few pool lighting ideas you should consider for a nice, sophisticated look.

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Install Pool Deck Lighting

Install in-ground lights in your pool area, instead of the above-ground alternatives. Apart from giving your pool a sophisticated look, they will also ensure you and others who use your pool can avoid injurious situations like tripping.

Illuminate Your Pool Area from Above

Apart from in-ground lighting, install above-ground lights in your pool area.

Mount the lighting in the trees around the pool and on roof gables or soffits. Remember that you can make above-ground lights mimic the moonlight by installing them in tree branches. This will enable you to create shadows of leaves and branches in the pool area.

Above-ground lights will work in tandem with in-ground lighting to illuminate your pool and prevent unsavory occurrences.

Install High-End Tiki Torches

Most people adore tiki torches. If you are one of them, this is your chance to install a couple in your pool area. Bear in mind that a good number of tiki torches are of poor quality. So, be careful when buying these torches. We recommend you only buy from trusted stores.

Illuminate Your Water Features

If your pool has a water feature, like a waterfall, it is an excellent idea to light it up.

You can illuminate your water feature in different ways. For instance, you can do illuminate it from underneath or from a wash light hanging from a tall space. Installing lighting from underneath gives your pool an exotic glow, enabling light to dance off the water. Likewise, you can cast a soft flood of light on your pool by installing a wash light from a tall location.

Ensure the wash light targets where the water from the water feature hits the pool surface. This will enable the light to catch the air bubbles produced when this happens.

Under cap Lights

Under cap lights are designed to be hidden. As such, they cast their light downward. With this lighting type, the aim is to achieve an aesthetic effect with the light. We recommend you install under cap lights underneath a sitting wall or a fire pit with benches for the best possible effect. What’s more? Apart from highlighting the texture of its location, placing an under cap light in such a position will also ensure it provides safe illumination without glare.

Highlight Plants in Your Pool Area

Having plants in a pool area will add a degree of appeal regardless of the time of day. So, we recommend placing some in your pool area. Even better, you can enhance the beauty and effect of these plants by installing light fixtures on them.

To minimize glare without reducing the effects of the plants, use accent lighting.


When you have a beautiful pool, you want to enjoy it in the best way possible and installing pool lights are an excellent way to do this. With the ideas we provided above, you can transform your pool from something average into a wonder that will leave everybody who gazes upon it speechless and awed.

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