9 Ways to Optimize Space in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of every home, and as the base for food prep, socializing, and even homework, it can become cluttered and disorganized. The easiest way to keep things clutter-free and to make the most of your cabinetry and countertops is to commit to daily organizational habits, especially if you have a tiny kitchen. 

Try these nine simple organization ideas to optimize space in your kitchen. 

1. Use Open Shelving

Open kitchen shelving allows you to maximize your wall space. Custom-cut shelving can increase your storage area if your kitchen has tight corners and odd angles.

The open design of the shelves makes the kitchen feel more spacious, while the unique angles created by the shelves double as a decorative feature. You can also display pottery, plants, and cookbooks, personalizing your space and making your kitchen feel more vibrant.  

2. Add a Wall-Mounted Magnetic Knife Bar

One of the bulkiest items in small kitchens is the knife block, and replacing them with wall-mounted knife bars creates additional counter space.

Knife bars save space while providing benefits for the knives as well. Since they don’t need to slide into storage sheaths, your knives will stay sharper than they would be if stored in a block. If you’re a knife aficionado, mounted knife bars also provide an opportunity to show off your more expensive kitchen knives. 

3. Use an Over-Sink Cutting Board

An over-the-sink cutting board is one of the few ways to save space while you prepare food. Unlike traditional cutting boards that take up valuable counter space, over-sink boards are designed to fit over the sink instead. 

This allows you to cut food in an area not usually used for preparation, effectively increasing the size of your kitchen. And when you’re done, it facilitates easy cleanup.

4. Install a Pot Rack

Some of the largest items commonly stored in a kitchen are pots and pans, which create dead space in kitchen cabinets. If you’re having difficulty storing pots and pans, take a note from commercial kitchens and install a pot rack.

Overhead racks are commonly found in restaurants and eliminate the need for cabinet space for your pots and pans. Besides saving space, pot racks make it easy to access your cookware and add a decorative element to the vertical space of your kitchen. 

5. Use Dividers Inside Cabinets and Drawers

Cabinet and drawer dividers organize these areas by providing dedicated storage spaces for each item. By installing vertical dividers in the cabinet, you can store more utensils, food storage bags, and other smaller kitchen items that are easy to misplace. 

6. Use a Spice Rack

Some spice racks are placed in cabinets and include a small angled rack with shelves, while others are placed in drawers and laid out horizontally. A dedicated shelf or drawer allows you to easily find each spice jar and consolidate your spices into one location. 

Decorative spice racks feature tree racks on a Lazy Suzan. These racks consolidate the storage of spices by allowing you to spin the rack to find the spices you need.

7. Install Rolling Shelves Inside Cabinets

Rolling shelves place additional shelves into your cabinets, which are attached to a rolling apparatus. They increase the overall storage space of each cabinet by creating additional levels. They also improve the organization of your kitchen, allowing you to access what you need without moving other objects in your cabinet.

8. Hang Stemware and Mugs

While cabinets are almost universally used for storage, the underside of these cabinets often goes unused. To maximize the use of your kitchen space, you can install hanging racks under your overhead cabinets or kitchen islands.

Hanging racks can be used to store a variety of items but are ideal for wine glasses and coffee mugs. 

9. Place Over-the-Door Organizers Behind Cabinet Doors

A common source of kitchen clutter is objects and goods used daily but inconvenient to store. These items, such as kitchen cleaning products, need to be easily accessible while taking up as little room as possible. 

One way to accomplish this is by using over-the-door organizers. These storage solutions include baskets for conveniently storing commonly-used non-food items, allowing you to free up cabinet and counter space. 

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